A Conversation in Time

The other day, I had a conversation with my Guru and Didi which I think needs to be shared or at least written for myself. When one thinks of a Guru, they think of it typically being defined as one of the following:

  • A teacher
  • A spiritual being
  • Someone well versed in Yoga or Hindu Mythology
  • Someone to aspire to

When a normal everyday conversation is struck, regarding anything from current events to a book to culture and it turns into something that opens your mind (whether that means makes you think or breaks down some barriers or narrow mindedness), it’s a beautiful thing. The conversation started with Time’; as I mentioned that I recently read a book by Alan Lightman called Einstein’s Dreams that gave me the most unusual yet vivid dreams.  And how in the book ‘Time’ can take any form – cyclical, linear, fast, slow, etc… amazing. We discussed how Time never existed, it was eventually created by humans.   The universe knows no time, we define time by decade, years, months, down to the milliseconds but what is time? To someone mourning, time can last an eternity (but then what’s an eternity if not a measure)? To someone really busy or having fun, time can fly. Time is different, a year on Earth could equate to an hour on a further planet or few decades in another galaxy. It’s time for her to be born and time for her to die.  People tend to worry about death but it’s constantly happening in your body.

Human Cells - Image from Fooyoh.com
Human Cells – Image from Fooyoh.com

The cells in our body have their own lifespan that help maintain the body.  So cells will die, some will divide and be replaced.  So this is actively happening in your body.  Amazing, I learned that in a bio class but over the years have forgotten it.  It’s amazing when you think how powerful a cell really is and how our body really is. And what else would you find in our bodies besides bones, organs, bloods, arteries, skin, water, etc…?  Oxygen is one, Nitrogen is another… gases we breathe, these are the same gases that exist in the universe, such as:   Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Neon, Helium to name a few.   My grandmother who left us at 103, was looking forward to it.  Was looking forward to returning back where she came from, the energy from which she and all of us manifested.  She embraced it with open arms saying her work on Earth was done.



*I had to pause for a few minutes while I just re-read what I wrote above and re-collect my thoughts**


Universal Energy - taken from Empathic Guidance
Universal Energy – taken from Empathic Guidance

Anyway… She knew she was returning to the source as energy. So if we’re descendants of something, then we must consist of it at least partially and we do.

We created the concept of time to keep track of something, to make sense of something but the universe knows no time.  We may define time as starting at the big bang theory because it makes sense to us, or the year Christ was born or a day consisting of 24 hours and not a millisecond more.  Could it be a millisecond more or less?     It was a very interesting conversation and one I was thinking all day today.  I knew I had to write it down – at least some of it because I find it very fascinating. I may be wrong in my thoughts here, so if you’ve read this and do not agree – please do share your thoughts.  I’d love to learn more from you.

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