About SoulSequence

SoulSequence started out as a blank canvas.  A place to create, experiment, imitate, learn and like all souls – evolve.  A few iterations ago, I introduced an extension called Pixel, because I was trying to get a better understanding of myself, life, art, travel, spirituality, music etc…  Pixel was philosophical and Soulsequence was visual. I named it Pixel because I realized we are nothing more just a spec of dust on the lens of camera, a pixel in the infinite.  Pixel hasn’t fully disappeared, its still an extension and evolving, though hidden in the depths of SoulSequence.

Soulsequence now is just a way for me to write / share my thoughts on travel, food, art, religion, etc…  I’ve been so bad at trying to keep it updated but (currently: May 2016), I’m working on a few pieces that I have yet to publish.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy the limited content.


If you’d like to contribute, please let me know.

I encourage and appreciate all comments and responses.

Stay tuned


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