Adventures of a Job Seeker

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked.  I want to work, but I also want to get paid a reasonable salary to work.  Some of the offers I received have been a huge paycut – one was even 40k lower.  However the reason for this page is to keep tabs on the interesting correspondance between myself and organizations / recruiters etc… 

These are only some of the more memorable ones.

If you have any stories to share, please email me and I’ll add them here. 


Please Note: Conversations are no verbatim

Was contact via LinkedIn, spoke in depth w/ the head of the department.  Round II, meeting with the team including person I’d replace.  Then HR to discuss last steps, timelines etc…
HR rep tells me something along the lines of:

HR: You know these are urgent projects we want to tackle in the next two months so you’ll need to get up to speed with the person you’re replacing before he leaves.   
ME: Yup, I’m aware of what the projects are and what the deadlines are.  
HR:  Great.  And you’ll be on a W-2
ME:  Yes, I would think so.
HR:  Hmm, so are you aware this is a fulltime position but it’s not a permanent position and only based on project right? There is a chance of extension based on what new projects we decide to take on but it could also be a 2 month positon.
ME:  No, I was aware that this was based on the project and it’s fulltime but I thought it was permanent.  The salary is based on permanent position right?
HR:  Yes, but you’ll be paid for 2 months or however long we extend.  You can say this is a temp position with a possibility of extension.  We’ll provide W-2 and there will be some benefits; however Medical is after 3 months.

So basically I was expecting a permanent position, full-time but my role is based on how I do on these projects with tight deadlines the next 2 months.  I need to get a data dump from the person leaving after 8 years in that position and take over, learn everything, implement and make sure projects are completed on time and budget, only to be let go.


Received an email for a job posting I applied to that they wanted to schedule an interview.  Great.  Let’s do it.  Scheduled and confirmed.
Day of the Interview… I connect to the Zoom Meeting 10 minutes before the start of the Interview.
5 minutes before start of Interview, I received a cancellation in my inbox but no other message.
I email the person back asking, if they would like to reschedule
Crickets…  Very unprofessional.  I wouldn’t work at this place if they offered more than my range.


3 rounds of interviews including a 4 hour interview.  Was told, you’d be a great fit for the company, culture and team but due to your background, another team might interest you more.  Would you like to chat w/ them?  They have a position open.  Of course.

So speak with the person who would be my manager in that department.  Great conversation.

HR feedback, you killed it.  Do you mind doing a quick assessment?  I hate these assessments because you never get feedback and it’s too vague.  Sure

Submit the assessment, and then I don’t hear back.  I emailed them asking about it.

Day later – generic email. Thank you for your interest, we’ve received a lot of applications who closely fit.

I email asking if there was something missing in my assessment, I think I documented all assumptions I’ve made.  Nothing.

After 5 Interviews, the least you can do is give me a ring and tell me I didn’t get the job; instead of a generic email.



Applied to a position, got an email from the CTO saying he’d love to setup a time to chat, but he accidentally deleted my application from the job board.  Do I mind resubmitting it?  Let him know and we’ll schedule something.

No problem.  Fill out the job application online again.  Day later – generic email from HR – thanks but we’re passing sort.

I emailed back, letting them know what happened and that the CTO messaged me asking to have a conversation.

Day later – oh, I spoke with the CTO and he and I think we can’t come close to your salary requirements.  Thanks and best of luck.


Spoke to HR, Team Lead and finally an interview (on a weekend) with a founder of the company (only time he had).  Everything went well.

HR emailed said everything went well and here are my onboarding documents.

Hold up…. I didn’t even get an offer letter, I don’t have any compensation or benefits information.
HR – Oh, you’re getting paid XX,XXX.  This is our standard.  What’s your rate again?
I’m open to getting less, but this is currently 40% less than I was making.
HR – Well, unfortunately we can’t come up that high
I’m not asking you to make up 40% but something reasonable.  Your team including the founder loved the fact I had a tech background which the team members of this position do not possess.  He felt I’d be a huge asset to the company, so if I have a skillset that nobody on the team does, that can be used as an asset, that should command a higher pay.
HR – I might be able to do like X,XXX more.
Ok, I will be willing to consider it IF you can give me equity in the company at the current valuation, before you get to Series XXX.  If that can make up for my salary, maybe I’d consider it.
HR – I can’t do that
Sorry, you can’t hire me.



Thanks for submitting your resume.  Lets chat >
Setup a call, have a great conversation.  I ask if they have any concerns about my experiences. No, to be honest there was one but you cleared that up.  I want you to chat w/ the head of the Dept, if you’re up for it.  Sure!
He setups a call
Calls to change to video (thank god I was wearing clothes)
Seemed very monotone, strict, showing no personality – not sure this is something I want to work for.
We chat, we do a case study.  
He says positive things when I asked about our discussion.

A day later – generic email.  Thank you for your interest, we received a lot of qualified candidates.  Seriously?


I’m sure there will be a lot more of these.. Stay Tuned.

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