Epic Boutique Hotel

Medellin, like other cities around the world have a plethora of accomodation choices, from hostels, apartments, hotels, motels and apart-hotels.  I originally booked Provenza Lofts but felt it’d be too isolating being in an apartment that I wanted to look into other options.  The Charlee Hotel is their 5 star hotel, all the bells and

Bali Breezed

Yes, breezed. I’ve heard so many great things about Bali, I had to make a stop over. On my way to Singapore for work, I took a little weekend trip to Dubai (read about it here) then shot off to the little pre-dominantly Hindu island in an otherwise Muslim nation named Bali.  I was there

Seoul, South Korea – The Land of the Morning Calm

Japan might be the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, South Korea is the Land of the Morning Calm.  This name was given by an emperor from the Ming Dynasty in China – calling Korea ‘Chaohsien’ which means ‘Morning Freshness’; later dubbed as ‘Morning Calm’ However this is a lie in Seoul.  Seoul is the complete