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Medellin, like other cities around the world have a plethora of accomodation choices, from hostels, apartments, hotels, motels and apart-hotels.  I originally booked Provenza Lofts but felt it’d be too isolating being in an apartment that I wanted to look into other options.  The Charlee Hotel is their 5 star hotel, all the bells and whistles of a fancy luxury hotel.  Marquee is a close second.

If you’re staying in Parque Lleras in El Poblado near Calle 10 a good budget option is Epic Boutique Hotel.  It’s definitely not fancy but it’s nice, clean, and most importantly the front desk staff – Franco, Mateo, Nicole and Kevin are a delight.  For about $50-$60 USD a night, not a bad choice.  

A lot of review will complain about the noise, but that’s a common theme for this area – any hotel you stay at, including the luxury hotel, you’ll hear a lot of music at night – this area is basically party central.  It doesn’t make a difference whehter it’s Saturday night or a Tuesday night, music is played loudly in every hotel / bar / club / rooftop.  They will provide you with earplugs at the front desk if you like – they’ll also mention the noise when you check in.  However, that being said – the room does a good job of isolating most of it so I didn’t have an issue getting any sleep, and I didn’t use any ear plugs.



  • Staff:  As mentioned, Franco, Mateo, Nicole and Kevin are great.  They speak English and are super helpful when asking about tours, booking covid tests for the return home and suggestions around the neighborhood.
  • Location: If this is your first time in Medellin, you’d want to stay in this are for at least a night to get a feel for the craziness.  It’s also foreigner central, a lot of restaurants around and you’ll find more people speaking at least a little English here than other areas.
  • Room:  The room isn’t large by any means, they do have a suite with a jacuzzi if you’d like but big enough for me.  You got your standard, bed and table.  TV is on the wall and there’s a safety locker in the closet, doesn’t fit a laptop but it’s fine.  The bed was comfortable.  Body wash / Shampoo / Conditioner are in bottles attached to the tile, there is a rainshower though.  Just as important there is an elevator.
  • Rooftop is a bar that’s open every night and has great views.  It’s open during the day if you want to just hang out and work or check out the view.
  • Tip: Ask for a room on a higher level – better overall noise protection.


Things to Consider

(not really Cons though but might be important to some people)

  • Water:  Nothing that would prevent me from staying again but you get a replacement glass bottle of water everyday – when I asked for more, they suggested to go to the store and buy it since they don’t have a kitchen.  Not a big deal except it was around 2-3am and I was a bit parched.
  • Food: As above, no kitchen – so no food / breakfast.  Not a con for me but some people may prefer breakfast included in the room rate.
  • Lobby: No real lobby area, they have space and apparently had a bar or breakfast at one point and the owners are deciding what to do with it.  I have a bunch of suggestions but it would be nice to have an area where people can hang out, relax and work without it looking like a construction site.
  • Noise, again – not a big deal for me, I slept well every night but in addition to music, there are a few other properties going up so you might get some construction noise.

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