DISCLAIMER:  This is a long rant 🙂   I’ll be honest here, what you’re about to read – you may question why we’re friends, why you’re reading this or maybe you think I lost it etc…  Or it might make you think in a way you haven’t before and question things.  I don’t know and that’s what make it interesting for me and I’d honestly love to hear your thoughts.  

Hopefully you find it interesting…

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit, maybe it’s because we’re in quarantine but I’ve noticed the past 2.5 years, I’ve become more and more spiritual.  Not to say religious but spiritual; although, there is no religion without spirituality right?  Maybe that’s what government is – a religion without spirituality; built to contain, dictate, and control people’s lives.  

I digress. . .


What do you think when you read the word Journey?  Most likely, a trip right?

Merriam Webster defines it as:

1something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another
// the journey from youth to maturity 

// a journey through time

2an act or instance of traveling from one place to another: TRIP

// a three-day journey

// going on a long journey

3 chiefly dialectal a day’s travel


You know when people say, ‘It’s not the destination, its the journey’ which I’m sure I’ve referenced before.  They’re talking about being in the moment, experiencing the journey right?  So is there an end to this journey (as in, is there always a destination)?  Is it linear or circular, does it repeat, how long does the journey last?  

We (humans) have created ‘time’ – we created defining a day as 24 hours, not 24 hours, 00 minutes, 04 seconds or 22 hours, 28 minutes, and 59 seconds.  If you simply google this, you’ll see a day isn’t exactly 24 hours but we still collectively define it as 24 hours.   How do you define your personal journey – is it in terms of time, a day or year, maybe instead of time you define it as experiences or that your day consists of multiple small journeys – does yours have an end or a beginning?

A journey can be as small as from the time you wake up – to the time you wake up tomorrow.  Doesn’t have to be exactly 24 hours.  It can be even shorter than that.  Where have you gone, what path have you taken in that journey?  What makes it a journey?

In Hinduism, there’s a strong belief in reincarnation – how the atman (soul) continues through lifetimes and deeds (karma) in this lifetime defines how your next life will be.  We don’t know where the journey for the soul began but we’re currently on this journey, and where it takes us is defined by what we’ve done / who we are / what karma’s we’ve re-paid in this life.  We don’t know how long this journey lasts and what’s at the end.  In Christianity, the journey possibly ends when the soul enters heaven or hell. 

Sidethought That begs the question and I’m now really curious as to what the capacity of heaven or hell is; it’s gotta be quite full by now, no?

I grew up Hindu, and I still believe in the souls journey but only recently did I really start believing in it.  I think a journey has parts and if I use reincarnation as an example, let me try to illustrate this:

Journey is simply a collection of paths. 


A lifespan (our current life, whether we live to be 80 or 120 years old) is just one path in the soul’s journey and there are multiple paths.

And within each of these paths are a series of other paths and so on..(a path could be a decision made).



Each Path in the image is a lifespan the soul has taken (4 reincarnated lifes)


So for the soul, the journey is cyclical as in each path is a cycle of birth and rebirth.  Even if the soul’s mission is to progress in each life, it’s still cyclical, but the duration of that birth is linear in that has a beginning and end (birth and death); which itself is a journey (a smaller one in the grand scheme of things).  In that path (life), what this person chooses to do (path / subpath) is another path on the journey, whether they want to choose to go after money or love, make a decision to take a certain job or move somewhere or visit a country it’s the path (decision) they’ve taken on this particular journey.  The path itself can be a journey if you define it or measure it as one.

And the connections we make in this journey, continue with us in future journeys; and those connections we’ve made in previous journeys show themselves in this one, even if we can’t recognize them.  Our journey doesn’t end when this life ends, just the journey of this life has reached its destination.  

Make sense?  Did I lose you?

To add to it, there’s also your internal journey.  Your internal journey is something you’ve learned – whether it’s a new skill or something you’ve learned about yourself or your higher calling.  It’s internal to you. 

Your internal journey can be shaped by your external journey.  Say you’re on a trip to your ancestral home, how you got there is your external journey and your reactions as you make your way there, are your internal journey.   Does your journey create a sense of awe?  If you’re on a plane and looking out at the different landscapes below?  What about if you finally hiked up the mountain and see this expanse in front of you?

I’d love to hear what your personal journey is, whats your external / internal journey.  I’ll leave it open – you define the journey the way you want. How will you know that you reached your destination?





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