The day I got laid off.  I almost made it 11 years at SmithBucklin.  December 2006 – July 2011; and then August 2014 – June 2020.

This is my second time being laid off.  The first time was while I was a student at Columbia College.  I had a job in search engine optimization and the company folded – they couldn’t even pay the final check.  That was back in 2000/2001.  I remember the company well.  20 years later, laid off again.  

It’s interesting because my mindset hasn’t changed.  I’m not (wasn’t) upset, or sad but felt like it was just another day.  I was more disappointed about being let go back in 2001; maybe because it was the first time and I thought I did amazing there.  Then I heard 2 weeks later the company folded so I couldn’t be too upset, I knew it wasn’t about me.  Still stung a bit at the time though – probably due to being so young and this was the first time. 

Now, this time around, not so much.  My position was eliminated in the middle of this recession / depression; makes sense.  I figured a furlough would be coming, not a ‘peace out’.  I know this time, as it was back then, the lay off is not performance related.


It was a good feeling to see the amount of support I got and I think people were more worried about it than I am.  I have a feeling something is coming; can’t tell what it is yet, whether it’s good / bad, short term, long term who knows; but I’m ready for it.  This is a chance for me to reset; work on myself – meditate, learn how to learn and hop on another journey.  The journey always continues.  If you’ve known me long enough or if you followed me for awhile you know I talk about our journeys – personal and professional journeys and I use the metaphor of a train / train tracks to describe our journeys.  This is no different.  Let’s board the next one, without a destination and see where it takes us.  

I’ll be back and better than ever.  Stay tuned my friends.


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