KYIV / KIEV Places to See

This Kiev list is only based on where I went.  I did see a lot of places in Kiev and no Chernobyl wasn’t one of them.  Without further ado.

Disclaimer: I will use Kiev and Kyiv interchangeably throughout this post 🙂

Going to Kyiv (Kiev)?  Read this first.

St Andrew’s Church and Andriyivsky Uzviz

I will say this is my favorite church or cathedral in Kiev.  I did not go inside as it was closed for renovations but just from the outside, this one is just simply beautiful as it is impressive.  Just take a look.  You can’t mention St. Andrews Church without mentioning Andriyivsky Descent.  This cobbled line street snakes it’s way down towards Podil, lined with a lot of souvenir vendors, shops, and restaurants.  It’s definitely a hike going downhill, I went down – didn’t make my way back up.  It ends in another square by the ferris wheel in an area with nothing short of restaurants, cafes, beer shops.

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