Kong Island, Hong Kong

Update Please check state department travel advisories due to the protest before you head out. Without further ado…. my story After a 6 hour delay and losing most of a day, I finally reach my destination, Hong Kong. A British colony since 1842 and returned to China in 1997, it’s always been an important international trading

Avoid United’s Close-In Fee’s when booking travel using miles

I wanted to book a one-way ticket using Miles – but United was charging me $30.60 and that’s because I was booking for travel within 21 days.  I thought that was a bit excessive if you’re only using 10,000 miles (~$100).  So while searching for the fees, I found a website the provided a work

Wining n' Biking Team

Biking in Wachau Valley Video

A collection of random video taken while riding through Wachau Valley, just outside Vienna, Austria.  Please excuse the shaky picture – I don’t have video stabilization on my Samsung Galaxy s6 (at least I don’t think I do). Thanks to Marco from Vienna Explorer for being our guide and letting us hit up 3 places