Bratislava Top 5

Bratislava… what can I say about this capital city of Slovakia.  I read enough about Bratislava and thought it might be cool to check out.  I also met some people in Prague (who were expats from Bratislava) who said, I’d get bored after 2 days.  They were right.  However, I’m going to try to give


I’ve never met anyone that’s gone to Kiev (Kyiv), and the only thing I know about Ukraine is whatever I’ve read on the travel forums and that Russia wants it back.  I heard this place is cold (in terms of people), dangerous, sketchy, you have to watch out for yourself, etc…  Here’s how the conversation

KYIV / KIEV Places to See

This Kiev list is only based on where I went.  I did see a lot of places in Kiev and no Chernobyl wasn’t one of them.  Without further ado. Disclaimer: I will use Kiev and Kyiv interchangeably throughout this post 🙂 Going to Kyiv (Kiev)?  Read this first. St Andrew’s Church and Andriyivsky Uzviz I will