Seattle, WA

I landed at SeaTac, walked off the plane with a smile on my face.  I immediately heard Alice in Chains playing on the speakers.  Yup I knew I was in Seattle.

I’m honestly not sure what to make of this place.  To me, it’s enemy territory being a Niners fan.  However, it seems like the city is still finding its’ identity.  I’m not talking about the 12th man here, I’m talking about everytime I walked out to explore I kept thinking I was in San Francisco.
Luckily for me, the 5 days I spent here (for work), it didn’t rain.  I did get coffee and got a dose of grunge but that’s about it.  Like I mentioned, it felt as if I was walking around in San Francisco – with the hills, Public Market instead of Fisherman’s Wharf but a hell of a lot cleaner than SF.  I was impressed by the diversity of residential architecture along the city’s waterfront.

I skipped out on the Space Needle.  $20 to get a view and I’m sure it’s an impressive view with the Mountains, Water and probably even Vancouver in the distance but it’s a bit much when I live in the city that has the tallest building in North America for now – I don’t think Freedom Towers spires should count but that’s my opinion.

Every place seems to have a happy hour and Vonn’s is no different.  This place was packed on a Wednesday evening, I was there around 5pm.  Got a brick oven pizza and a Manhattan for $12 (b/4 taxes / tips) – perfect.

Being vegetarian, you really can’t get a taste of all the culinary delights a town is known for and this rings true in Seattle.  The land of flying and fresh fish.

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