Bratislava Top 5

Bratislava… what can I say about this capital city of Slovakia.  I read enough about Bratislava and thought it might be cool to check out.  I also met some people in Prague (who were expats from Bratislava) who said, I’d get bored after 2 days.  They were right.  However, I’m going to try to give


I’ve never met anyone that’s gone to Kiev (Kyiv), and the only thing I know about Ukraine is whatever I’ve read on the travel forums and that Russia wants it back.  I heard this place is cold (in terms of people), dangerous, sketchy, you have to watch out for yourself, etc…  Here’s how the conversation

KYIV Places to See

This Kiev list is only based on where I went.  I did see a lot of places in Kiev and no Chernobyl wasn’t one of them.  Without further ado. Disclaimer: I will use Kiev and Kyiv interchangeably throughout this post 🙂 Going to Kyiv (Kiev)?  Read this first. St Andrew’s Church and Andriyivsky Uzviz I will