Everyday we wake up to the same routine. If you’re a child you wake up, go to school, eat dinner, sleep only to do it again the next day. As an adult you replace school with work unless you’re retired and still retirement is routine.

This routine – this aspect of life is like a series of complex alleyways, where daily you somehow end up on the same alleyway. Even if you feel it’s not the same, it’s the details that create the illusion of change – who you meet or is it sunny or cloudy but in the end it’s the same alleyway.

If you look into the horizon all you see are the train tracks that disappear to a fixed point, a point you’re trying to get to – why? Because it represents hope, that there’s truly something at the end of this, that this can’t be it. And that focus allows you to lose sight of where you truly are, are you getting any closer? Look around you, you’re back where you started.

You’re not to get out of this labyrinth alive, it’s just a test to see how strong your mind and your body really are. You will be pushed to the limits – at what point does your body or mind start to give up?

Who is really controlling the board? Navigating you until you find an exit?

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