Throughout his life and in the eye of his men
he stood on a raised platform

But inside, this man struggled

His struggles took him to search
for a reason

A reason unknown,
he questioned a higher power

With no answer in sight
the man continued to struggle

A hidden force took control and
held him back

A faceless wonder
defeated him with every victory

But this man has bled

Bled through lifes battles
he carries his scars

With an eye fixed on the horizon of hope
his battle continues

Finding a source of energy
and a glimmer of hope

His quest for victory
became his search
for the higher power

This lead him to look up

To request an end to the defeats
and a simple victory

Even more blood spilled
but he remained victorious

He started to believe it was not up
he should look but in

His belief in himself
made him stronger and
he broke through his defeats

The final battle
he has finally won

He defeated the ego
and stood tall a man.

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