Wallyard Concept Hostel – Berlin (A Review)

The Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin is an excellent option for those looking for budget friendly hostels that are nicer than your average $7 college backpacker hostels.  It’s a short bus ride or about a 20 minute walk from the Hauptbahnoff.   Trendy, modern, clean and friendly atmosphere makes this place stand out; and you’ll notice when you enter and check-in.

As with other hostels, you have options as far as your room goes, from a standard 6 bedroom dorm with a shared bathroom to a private room with a private bathroom and everything in between.  You’re close enough to the Mitte district that you can hop on a bus, train or even walk (which is what I did) and check out all the sights.  The front desk staff will give you insight into places you should visit and if you’re into anything specific they got you covered.

It’s a family run hostel created with a vision – accommodate and treat travelers the way you’d like to be treated when you travel.  And they accomplish that – from staff including the young owner of the place, Joe.  The mattresses and (clean) linens that are included (without surcharge) are included in your stay.

There was good diversity in this hostel – I found mostly Europeans but of all ages; from groups of Spanish friends / family traveling together to mid 40 y/o Ukranians, to even families and of course a few of the younger crowd too.  This isn’t a party hostel or geared toward the backpackers that want to party all night, but that’s not what I was looking for either.

As far as security goes, it’s secure.  They change the code to enter the rooms everyday at 7am and you have to grab the new code from the front desk.  Then there’s another key to get into your hallway before you unlock the door to your room.  Most rooms have lockers – mine didn’t (I had a 4 person shared w/ private bathroom).  You can also use lockers in the lobby.  There is food / coffee / drinks available most of the day.  It’s made fresh so when they’re out, they’re out.

I would stay here again and do recommend it.  It’s affordable, clean, has a nice atmosphere and close enough to everything.


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