Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

I posted this review on TripAdvisor as well, but here’s my review of this property however this will not be edited (for ‘offensive language’) and a little more complete.

Let’s start with my trip to the Westgate. Actually, first why Westgate – well I was here for work and this was the closest hotel to the facility.

My cabbie coming in kept saying how great it is and excellent food and stuff (Jordanian dude who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, smoking too much sheesha perhaps) – all the other cabbies, everyone (and I asked six cabbies their opinion) said yea it’s a terrible place to stay. All the cabbies here know Westgate’s one of the worst hotel resort and casinos here. 1 was like, we’ll it’s ok but laughed. Not to mention, the smell of cigarettes (that’s Vegas Casinos for you)

They are in the process of renovating but they got a lonnnnng way to go.  This property used to be the Las Vegas Hilton, the Home of Elvis (and it seems they’ve recently launched a new Elvis show).

Let me put it in perspective for you how terrible. Let me give you a visual here.

Hotel Room
• there’s no light, they have 15 watt bulbs for your table lamps but no main light source. Try ironing in the dark.
• Not enough electrical outlets so they run (not power strips) but actual extension cords all over the room.  I ‘reluctantly’ crawled under my bed (oh how nasty it was) to find an extension cord to plug my phone in.
• Dirty, the carpets are filthy, the bathroom tiles aren’t clean
• They don’t clean the rooms, I found a bobbie pin or whatever you call those pins chicks put in their hair to hold it in place
• 55” tv, sounds nice, but only 7 channels, none are in hd, 2 are telemundo channels, no hbo, no comedy central. Rest are info channels
• Iron board is barely standing and keeps wobbling
• The showerhead is broken, I can pull it off the wall
• Thermostat didn’t work – I had it set to 60 (the lowest) and it was still hot. I called maintenance and the guy comes up fixes it. He had to get into the ceiling panel so basically all this white asbestos stuff fell all over my suits I had to wear to work the next day.  He makes it cooler but nowhere near 60. And it’s loud, just like a big grinding machine sound allllll night!

And finally….

• **TRUE STORY** happened to a board member or someone here, she was brushing her teeth and had the water on, the water from the drain kept rising into the sink and it had small chunks of feces. She called the hotel and the guy that came up to fix it apparently said something along the lines of “next time get a room higher up”.

Some of the hotel rooms came equipped with these moths as well. Mine luckily did not. Few of my colleagues found these mutant sized moths flying around their room. I saw them in the convention center and a few of their rooms.

One of my colleagues wasn’t feeling well and ordered some chicken soup, what she ended up getting was a bowl of lipton noodle soup with a warm chicken breast. She took a lovely picture and said it was disgusting. On another note, I heard someone ordered some type of fish and they said it wasn’t bad, not great but not as bad as the soup.

We had a staff meeting in one of the executives’ suite. Big and spacious with a large balcony that faced out to the Stratosphere.  Very nice.  Inside was as old and bad as the regular rooms.  Tables were very old, felt like we moved back to the 1970s, days where someone might get roughed up enough and left buried alive in the sand.  This furniture told that type of story.  We turned on the tv, no channels, all snow. Being the ‘IT’ guy, I was tasked to get the TV working, Found a coaxial cable connected from the tv to the cable modem, which made no sense.  Another coaxial from the wall to somewhere, it wasn’t connected to the tv, in fact it was too short to reach anything, it was just hidden behind the wall mount.  I swapped out cables and reset all channels on the tv before we got picture.  Again, limited channels in – you guessed it – 480 over the air quality.

We ordered wine and asked for wine glasses.  These wine glasses haven’t been used in a long time – how we know this, well the glasses were clean just the base of each glass was dusty.  We can swipe the dust off with a finger.  Almost like a car that has ‘Wash Me’ written all over it.

This room even had moths.  A lot of it had to do with, if you open the screen door to get outside, they will fly immediately.

Conference Center

Moths moths moths – everywhere. Same story as the hotel.  It was one large piece of property.  Staff at the conference center, at least the team at Cox who handles the network and internet were solid.

Wait till the renovations are done before staying at the property.  It’s also at the far end of the strip by Riviera, so for gambling purposes, cheaper but need a cab to get around.


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